Free registration for all participants.

  1. Oral Presentation: The participants are invited to register for oral presentation with their innovative ideas and research theme as an abstract form. These submitted abstracts are evaluated by expert team and notified to the corresponding applicant about their decision of either selection or rejection. Selected applicants are allowed to participate in the programme where they can also present their poster in poster-presentation session. Moreover, these participants can also take part in the scientific art competition too.
  2. Poster Presentation: The participants who want to present their poster as a part of conference are requested to submit their abstract in given template form. The selected poster are permitted to demonstrate and present during the conference. All selected abstracts (Oral and Poster) are published as a ‘Books of Abstract’ and it is also uploaded on the conference website.
  3. Essay Competition: This competition is a special features of the conference coordinated by Science Teacher’s Association of Nepal (STAN) in which school students( age; below 20 years) from all around the country participate in the programme. To register for essay program, student should email their varified (by School Principal or Science Teacher) hand-written essay( upto 1000 words) on the topic; नव-प्रवर्तन र उद्धमशिलता (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) either in English or Nepali language.
    • For more details : Devendra Karna ( Mob: 9841-407978), Ramesh Puri( Mob: 9841-567137)
    • Email : or
    • Also see
  4. Art Competition: It is specific features of the conference where interested candidates from all selected participants can present their talents in the form of vivid art. Participants of first and second categories take part in the competition. Selected young scientist can express their desire for this programme.

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